Thursday, May 12, 2011

Muffin Cup Daffodils

I wish that I could link you to my friend’s blog – it’s really very cute, and her kids do such fun stuff! But alas, it is a private blog, and so I will simply show you the idea we got from her blog (thanks, Anna!)

DSCN4893This is the door to the craft room (notice the marker lines on the wall? Thank you, Baby). Yesterday was very rainy, so instead of doing a kid-swap with my neighbor friend like we usually do so we can both run, we stayed inside and made muffin-cup daffodils!

The one on top is mine, then Little E’s, then Baby’s (I helped her with the one that actually resembles a flower, and then I just let her go with the glue and paper and cotton balls.

E was more interested in playing “dragons” with the scrap paper that was left over from cutting out the petals. But he did manage to put down a few petals, the cup, and a stem – oh, and he drew “dirt” at the bottom.

They are really easy. Basically you either draw or glue petals, and then glue down a mini muffin cup. We actually used some little candy cups, too (the cake section at the craft store will probably have some of those, that’s where I got mine). I did a flower with each. The one on the left is with the candy cups, and the one on the right was with the mini muffin cups.

We also decided to add the letter “F” for “flower” since that is our theme this month. I was going to do the alphabet in order, B, C, D, F – but we’ll just skip right to F for this week, and start back at C next week.

What springtime crafts have you been doing? Are you kids more interested in playing with the scrap paper than actually doing the craft? How to you keep them focused? Or do you just let them play?

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  1. We have been working on crafts for my husbands birthday. Your flowers are so pretty.