Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sometimes the TV is the best choice

Not all the time, and really, not very often.

But today is an unusual day. Today is the day my almost 3 year old found a pill box that belonged to a friend who was living with us until a few weeks ago.

The pill box had 3 clorazapan pills. After J found it, it had 1. I called poison control right away. Well, after I got through panicking. We don't ever have prescription pills and if we do they are hidden away and out of reach (and locked up).

Poison control wasn't too worried - they told me what to keep an eye out for, and said they would check back in an hour. They have actually called twice.

We're pretty sure she is going to be fine, but we're watching her very carefully just to make sure.

YouTube Video

And until then, miss drugged-cranky-pants is snuggling with me while we watch Pingu.

What are your sick-baby fallbacks? Do you watch too much tv when the kids are sick?

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  1. Yes! When Lily feels bad we just cuddle on the could and watch Backyardigans or play on the laptop some of the baby games on the Fisher Price website. We cuddle cuddle cuddle and nurse nurse nurse. We probably, no we, DO, watch too much TV but I've learned not to be too worried about that.

  2. uh!!! That sounds terrifying. (I had to look up what clorazapan is)but it sounds that after the relax time she'll be ok. I'm glad poison control has been responsive to you.