Meet the Family

I am a home-making, child-rearing, math-teaching, music-loving mama married to a brilliant linguist who speaks over half a dozen languages (including 100% Portuguese at home), and serves his country in the National Guard. I attempt to speak Portuguese with our kids as well, but my grammar is probably worse than a three-year-old's. We're just your average parents trying to raise a healthy, happy family!

Little E (Little Einstein - but his real first name is V) is our four-year-old English-speaking, Portuguese-understanding, loquacious boy who can make anything become a robot, monster, car, Storm trooper, or dragon. And loves Kung Fu. He's learning his letters and number (in English and Portuguese) and loves to draw and jump on the trampoline. And ride his bike - his newest skill. He never stops, and we like it that way.

Baby (J) is our not-so-much-a-baby-anymore two-year-old who is starting to speak English and Portuguese, and some other language we haven't identified yet. She loves to play with us, and learn with us. She loves to ride on my bike in the baby seat and feed the puppies and "wash" things and in general, just do whatever I am doing. She is my little shadow.