Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Swing

Well, there was a big move, a wedding, and a death in the family - so the schooling thing has been put on hold a little. But we're getting back in the swing of things, and I'll be writing more frequently (I hope - ha ha!)

We've found the local library, and we've been walking there for story time. Even though it's about 30 degrees outside and snowing. We just don our snow gear and I equip the stroller with a plastic weather shield and we usually get there in one piece.

Due to the sudden change in weather (one week it was 80 degrees, the next it was 30 degrees and snowing almost every day) we have been reading about snow. So far we've just been reading books about snow - nothing too deep. We've also been talking about leaves and the color changing. On our last walk home from the library, Little Einstein gathered leaves and this week we'll be making a "Leaf Book" with the leaves. We kind of missed most of the leaves changing colors, what with the move and everything, but the kids still love the colors changing, and crunching the leaves with their boots.

This week I want to work on number conservation with Little E. I'll talk more about that in another post - but that's the big goal for this week. And story time on Tuesday.

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