Monday, December 5, 2011

Pre-Dinner Art

This is what my kids were up to as I cooked dinner tonight:

V is getting to be quite the little artist, and J is quickly learning - she has long been proficient at solid shape figures (who needs stick figures anyway?).

Earlier today V was drawing "sword fish" and "whale sharks"... whose kid is this?!

J loves drawing her brother (and the way she says his name is absolutely adorable - I wish I could share).

Right now she is drawing "shrain shracks" can't you tell?

What do your kids do while you make dinner? Are you kids into drawing? Or something else? What is their favorite thing to draw?

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  1. Just discovered this blog from your "My Soul Delighteth" blog. Cute! I will have to try that scrub it thing with my daughter. She's 19 months old and I have been running out of ideas for fun stuff to do with her.