Thursday, July 14, 2011

Baby Genius

Today I met with a student for some math tutoring. We used Cuisenaire rods for some of her instruction, and E was really interested in them.

After lunch, reading time, and putting Baby down for a nap, I told E he could play with them. He played for a while, then told me he was done, and as I was cleaning up in the kitchen he said to me "When I grow up I want to buy some of these for me."

Ha ha kids say the darndest things, don't they?

So I told E that he could just play with the set we have. So he opened the box again and I noticed that he had perfectly sorted all of the rods. Then he told me he was going to make the designs on the lid. A few minutes later, he came downstairs super excited and told me I had to go upstairs and see it "right now".

This is what I saw -

Notice the pattern on the box lid? He did that without any help! I'm so proud of my little cutie :)

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