Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Baby Can Read

Babies don’t need to be able to read, and I don’t think that a baby being able to read is any kind of predictor of their future success in life. However, a baby loving to “read” (so, for a baby, that is being read to) is very significant.

I try to work on “pre”-reading skills with Vincente, and since I plan on homeschooling for at least pre-school and kindergarten, I want to make sure that I am prepared to teach him to read.

Over at  No Time for Flash Cards, they are starting a series on teaching your child to read. The blog is geared to parents of young children (think, toddler – preschool) but the article is really helpful for getting your child ready to read.

I recommend the article, and the blog. The blog is fabulous and I really enjoy reading it. It has really helped me in the theme of this blog – that learning happens in child’s play, not in a classroom or by doing worksheets. No Time for Flash Cards has a wealth of activities and games and play that kids love but is also educational, which is what I want to emphasize in my children’s life. Since we have been doing rainbows this month, I think we are going to do the Color Wheel Match this week, along with making a rainbow for the front window, which we have been slacking on.

Go check out their blog, it is fantastic!

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  1. I completely agree. It is much more important to love to read than just being able to. There's another blog you might like. Google 1+1+1 and it'll come up. I can't remember the exact site. But she talks about guiding their play. Some of it is really simple, I just didn't think of it. But definitely make the most out of the play time you have together.